We offer a nursery during small groups and also during our worship services

Children (ages 3-5)

Our children's class, ages 3-5. This is where we teach the children the basics of the Bible and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The children will typically have a Bible lesson, with a craft and a snack during this time.

Children (ages 6-11)

This small group continues teaching the children about the basics of the Bible, but also expanding and helping the children know and understand about the life of Jesus and the sacrifice He paid on our behalf.

Youth (ages 12-17)

Each week we go through the Bible chapter by chapter, helping the students develop an awareness about God's Word and how they can apply the truth of God's Word to their lives. Gerald Brake, Sr. also helps teach the class.

Young Adult (ages 18 & up)

Trina Scronce teaches the Young Adult small group-they use the MasterWork bible studies. These lessons take classic and well known books by Christian theologians and breaks them down into short daily devotional type studies, where the students read 1 short section each day of the week and then come together on Sunday mornings to discuss their thoughts about the topic.

Single/Middle Age group

Judy Ott  and Trina Scronce are the leaders of this small group. They use the MasterWork teaching cirriculum. This is a daily devotional type study that takes a popular or well-known Chrisitan Bible Scholar author and discusses a topic over a period of 6-7 weeks at a time.

MasterWork Class

Pastor Jeff leads this class. It is made up of couples and singles. They use the MasterWork teaching cirriculum in this discussion class.


Natalie Barber and Pat Davis lead this small group leader for this older ladies class. They go through the Bible each week, chapter by chapter in learning about God's truth and how they can live to glorify Christ.



Pastor Jim Purdy & church member Smith Anderson lead this small group of older men. They study the Bible chapter by chapter each week, gleaning out the truth of God's Word.